Menhirs Libres

Makes the following proposals for human- scale tourism
in harmony with the environment

Better things can be done to protect the alignments while retaining free and unrestricted access.:

  • Remove the steel fencing as soon as possible.
  • Free access, without charge, to the interior, with a possibility of guided visits.
  • No more destruction of the vegetation by tractors and weedkiller. Let the gorse grow around the menhirs, keeping it under control so that it does not affect their visibility. That will be the best and most attractive form of protection for the alignments.
  • In the event of exceptionally dry weather, a discreet rope on posts will prohibit access. Visitors would be informed that it is a temporary measure.
  • Disperse the carparking to avoid the problems of too great a concentration of visitors.
  • Construct three welcome points, one for each alignment. They should be small, in the local style, not visible from the menhirs, with sanitation, rest-rooms and telephone facilities.
  • Set up multi-lingual information boards.
  • The Carnac Museum should be clearly signed up and its existence indicated around the site.
  • Wardens or rangers will be needed in the summer, to ensure that the stones are respected and for the security of visitors.
  • The road alongside the alignments should not be moved to the south, but made one-way, part being reserved as footpath and a cycle-track with a separation of low hedges.
  • Clean up and sign the many other megaliths in the area, for the most part undiscoverable, lost in the depth of the woods. They will help with the dispersal of visitors and give a much better idea of the variety of megalithic remains in this region.
  • To sum up, simple measures, not costly, creating jobs - guides, maintenance workers, wardens and rangers - will allow this wonderful site to keep its beauty and charm, its mystery and its tranquillity.