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We consider Ecospirituality to be the answer to the suffering and problems on this planet.
Ecospirituality is to be understood as a philosophy that presumes an individual person having a harmonious relationship, arising from his or her inner harmonious experience, in tune with Nature, which is understood not just to be a manifestation of its natural cycles, but also to be a mystic concept and depositary of a great cosmic mystery.
We consider that inner balance is not derived from a pre-packaged doctrine, but is related to a pragmatic experience offered by nature, through the activation of its spontaneous evolutionary archetype, which we call meditation.
Ecospirituality means respect for Mother Earth and for all the life she has generated and to which she offers hospitality.
Nowadays, it can be seen how the rights of those Peoples who are in tune with nature, the Natural Peoples, have been trodden underfoot.
Just as the daily massacre of animals can be observed, animals used as “objects” for the benefit of the dominant species, humanity. We daily witness the destruction of our planet, our common home: Mother Earth, who generated us.
For this reason we founded the Ecospirituality Foundation: to make a contribution to a better world. A world of Peace and Harmony respecting the Planet and all its creatures.

This is why the Ecospirituality Foundation supports the UN project:

Our contributions:

Protect the oceans and the marine ecosystem
Protecting forests and biodiversity
Promote peace among peoples

The “Sustainable Development Goals” Project

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 25 September 2015
Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

From the document of the UN General Assembly:

Seventy years ago, an earlier generation of world leaders came together to create the United Nations. From the ashes of war and division they fashioned this Organization and the values of peace, dialogue and international cooperation which underpin it. The supreme embodiment of those values is the Charter of the United Nations.
Today we are also taking a decision of great historic significance. We resolve to build a better future for all people, including the millions who have been denied the chance to lead decent, dignified and rewarding lives and to achieve their full human potential. We can be the first generation to succeed in ending poverty; just as we may be the last to have a chance of saving the planet. The world will be a better place in 2030 if we succeed in our objectives.
What we are announcing today – an Agenda for global action for the next 15 years – is a charter for people and planet in the twenty-first century. Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.
“We the peoples” are the celebrated opening words of the Charter of the United Nations. It is “we the peoples” who are embarking today on the road to 2030. Our journey will involve Governments as well as parliaments, the United Nations system and other international institutions, local authorities, indigenous peoples, civil society, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community – and all people. Millions have already engaged with, and will own, this Agenda. It is an Agenda of the people, by the people and for the people – and this, we believe, will ensure its success.
The future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands. It lies also in the hands of today’s younger generation who will pass the torch to future generations. We have mapped the road to sustainable development; it will be for all of us to ensure that the journey is successful and its gains irreversible.

UN General Assembly Resolution

Among the 17 goals to change the world, the Ecospirituality Foundation, through its Commettees, contributes to the following:

Goal 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Goal 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial Ecosystems

Goal 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable Development